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Microshift Centos?


Speeding Up
Dec 4, 2008
is anyone using Microshift Centos combined levers and shifters?

the bike we're looking at from the UK is equipped with them but the only worry is that the intended rider's 10-year old hands might not be big enough to comfortably reach the levers.

if we could arrange a viewing either of a forum reader's bike or if anyone knows of a current new model that is equipped with them, that we might be able to view in a local bicycle emporium?



Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
The Microshift site (is crap) doesn't give any indication of reach adjust-ability within the levers. Also, there are no reach adjusting wedges listed on the site. This leads me to believe that the reach is not adjustable.

This only affects the ability to reach the levers when in the drops, however. Holding the shifters on the top of the unit is the same regardless of reach adjustment.

Not sure how large or small your 10 year olds hands are, but speaking from personal experience, I am a fully grown man and still need to dial in my Dura Ace 9070 shifters to fit, so with no adjust-ability at all, I suspect your young-uns hands are not going to reach the levers when in the drops (all shifters are kind of the same dimensions really, regardless of brand).

That is not a definitive answer, I know, but might help a bit.
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