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Winston Leg-Thigh

Maximum Pace
Mar 31, 2015
Yeah... official specs. I was slightly alarmed when I received my long cage RD and the box says it's only for 1x. I'll make it work somehow. Waiting for tyres to arrive from NL before taking it all apart.

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Good Q+A with a fella from Shimano here where they discuss the differences between the 1x and 2x derailleurs etc.


Maximum Pace
Jan 24, 2018
not cycling related, but just read in the news about the comparison of numbers of foreign citizens entering Japan last month, with April 2019. this includes all cross border entries, tourists, residents returning from trips abroad etc. so in April 2019 there was about 2,700,000 such entries, that's 2.7 million for 30 days. this April..... waiiiit foooor it: 1,200. one thousand two hundred, period. 40 a day. like 99.9999% drop. May is probably gonna be even worse..... crazy times
Thanks to this site, I've gotten to meet dozens of people from the world cycling community over the past few years and my heart goes out to some who I've been lucky enough to get to know very well. Those extremely decent, hard-working people who've lost their livelihoods, essentially overnight. I guess it's lucky that it was not their lives. I hope things pick up for all of us soon!