Today May 2018


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Get home from this mornings ride. Take my shoes off and plonk down. Quickly a certain musty slightly off odour rises up from my shoes, reminding me that I have some natto in the fridge, which I promptly finish off. True story!
Time to wash my shoes I guess....:warau::warau::warau:
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Feb 3, 2014
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Now I'm no bike thief, but it was looking to jack a front wheel and fork, seems like it would have been easier just to cut the wire on the cheap bike lock and take the bike. He obviously had the tools to take out the fork and also cut the brake wires.



Maximum Pace
May 28, 2010
Soooo, I went on a pretty tough climb today after a relatively light lunch and no breakfast, with only one Costco protein bar in my pocket.

If I had just finished the climb and got home, I would have been fine, but I tried to do a looping course which in hindsight probably would have put me on the road past sundown with no light....

So I turned back, only to realize the downhill section after I finished the climb was WAAAAAY harder and longer than I remembered....

And I was out of energy, so I basically got off and walked a number of segments.

After 40 miles and 4.5 hours, a guy in a minivan stopped and offered me a ride. Thankfully we were going the same direction so he dropped me off at my house. LOL

Imma gonna go lie down for a while now....


Maximum Pace
Dec 2, 2017
So let’s call it special. I saw someone riding on a tiny fat bike today. With what looked like 18 or 20 inch wheels. There is definitely a larger subset of people whose bike is a fashion statement than what I am used to. There is both wrong with that, few of us would ride a bike that is objectively great in terms of function, but subjectively ugly.


Maximum Pace
Nov 14, 2011
Miura, Japan
So next week my new bike will be arriving in Arizona to be reboxed and shipped to me here.
Yes, I have a problem. No, I am not bothered by it.
Anyhow - the biggest issue I am dealing with is space (and sleep).

This bike will replace my commuter and then it is time to let the Soma go.
I have said this repeatedly... the Soma has been my go to bike for a few years and every time I consider letting it go, I kinda fall back in lover with it again.
But I almost mean it this time!