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Help Mavic Rush (was Razor) shoe


Speeding Up
Dec 4, 2008
so a couple of months ago I finally replaced my completely knackered Razor shoes with the new Rush model. on the old model the maker provided a set of metal studs for the forefoot, which I never bothered fitting, but thought to keep the parts even though the shoes had been binned.

Been using the Rush maybe 3-4 times a week; they now come with the forefoot studs already fitted…but recently both studs from the right shoe only fell out and disappeared. and I haven't done any real offroading, so I 'm wondering….is that something to be expected?

thinking that having a pair of vampire bite threaded holes in the forefoot of the sole was not good, I plugged in the old studs, which are fortunately the same fitting. are these likely to disappear as well?

could just plug those holes with Sugru maybe?


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Next time you're at a home center, get the shortest flat head screws that will fit that thread and just screw them in taut.


Maximum Pace
Sep 3, 2009
Have a pair of Mavic shoes (not sure sure what model but all straps are velcro). Didn't even bother to install the forefoot studs you mentioned. The shoe came with + headed screws that hasn't fallen off yet (after 4 years of abuse).

Have you tried some loctite on the threads. might help. Sugru or shoe goo should be OK if you really don't need the studs.
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