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Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate

Kinda difficult to understand what's going on in the first video.

Popped to the LBS last week to pick up some gels and was a bit shocked to see a pair of Zipp wheels lying on the floor with the front one broken in half. Apparently some sort of accident during a triathalon and not involving a car. Slightly disappointing as they're around the 200,000 yen mark....

Having looked at the price of the Mavic's, the zipps are pretty cheap in comparison.....


[I just checked your other thread - that website above says that they have one pair in stock but they're in Osaka. Probably give you an idea on Japanese price anyway]
Thank you very much, Richy152 & Edogawakikkoman!

Richy152, wow.... that shop in Osaka does have the wheels in stock. Problem is, I won't be in Japan until August. I still need to check for bicycle shops and then place a reservation a few weeks before I arrive to pick it up.

Edogawakikkoman, may I know where you bought your Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate? How much is it? Also, does the wheels carry a lot of momentum at high speed that can help you stay at high speed easily?
I got mine at SEO Shin Matsudo.They always have a pair or two of them hanging from the ceiling. However mine are not the Ultimate.... I have the clincher version.
I believe that the hassle with tubeless is not worth it...

The wheels though give me an extra 2 or 3kph increase in speed. If the wind is right probably a bit more.

They seem to go well at speeds over 40kph... but no real benefit when going slow. Heavier wheels are probably better then.

I love the acceleration..very snappy and if you want to scare the people around you, by applying uneven pedal pressure on your down press you can get an uneven hum from the wheels that makes it sound like you're turbo charged....
vrooom vrooom vrooom..... then if you can maintain force throughout the 360 degrees of your pedalling.... vroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom---> to infinity and beyond..... :cool:

They are also the only set of wheels I own that haven't buckled slightly....
> Kinda difficult to understand what's going on in the first video.

I guess the first (and fifth) video show that there was no deformation to the wheel.
That is, without the first video, it could have been possible that all that hammering and stomping was fixing a buckled wheel :D
Videos 1 and 5 show dial test indicators for roundness and straightness. The needles are not moving very much, showing the wheel is round and straight before and after the abuse.
Brave/crazy guy to treat a $3000 set of wheels like that :confused:
HED wheelset

Though I have never rode on a pair of HED wheels, I have heard some great reports on them. Pricing is decent in comparison to other wheelsets on the market. Personally, I have only ridden on Mavic Open Pro wheelsets, but am in the process of purchasing a new bike (Ridley) prior to my arrival in Yokosuka in August. I may just bite the bullet and get a pair of Zipp Clydesdale 404.

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