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Massage/Stretching routines

toledo baha

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Jan 20, 2009
Just wondering how often everyone out there is able to get massages, obviously it's quite pricey in Japan. If you're a racer it's a must while racing, I know, but how about the hobbyists?

I'm always telling myself that a good stretching routine can help me avoid shelling out the big yen on pro massages. Am I just kidding myself??
I have been getting a lot more sore than usual these days, perhaps it's just mother nature telling me the inevitable...:eek:


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May 25, 2009
Ok for stretching I do 1 minutes stretches for each muscle group 2 times a day 3 days before a race. Normally takes about 10 minutes to complete. I do this before my warmup session also.

I then do the same after a race.

For massages you can do this on the primary leg muscles yourself in the shower, you really need to work the muscles hard and normally just use shower gel to get the hands to slide.

Before major races I go see a freind how is training/trained as a sport therapist and does a bloody amazing job and also afterwards also. One of the important factors is balancing the body. We are either right or left side dominant and having a massage that actually gets the musles balanced out is very important and can give amazing results.

If you are getting sore you are over training.... not good. I suggest taking a protein suppliment to help repair the muscle damage. The only time you should be sore from riding is in the off season or after a race.


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Jul 26, 2008
If you can put up with the wait until you see the staff, going to an osteo-doc is very reasonable--just a few hundred yen per visit (more for the initial visit within a given month). I've gotten some electrical zapping (two kinds) and then maybe another thing or two, before one of the masseuses works on me for a while (the place I go to has two--the female, tho a babe, is a masochist, the guy is good). The doc is a friend, a judo-ist, the second floor of his clinic is a dojo, and he's the nearest thing to sports medicine in this part of the country. The PE teachers from my uni even use him when they've got problems.

I don't go for regular massages (maybe after retirement?), but for bike or computer mouse over-use related stuff they're great. (a couple few times a year, a few visits during each episode) They've also shown me some stretches that I do now and then to keep the nasties at bay.
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