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Marzocci MX100 Fork Help


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Nov 1, 2009
I got an old mountain bike a few months ago and am now trying to make it a low budget rebuild, the frame and fork are old, I figure somewhere in the early 90s era (1 1/8 inch quill stem and cantilever brakes lead me to this conclusion). The groupo is Shimano Deore. The fork is a Marzocchi MX100. I have looked for a manual online, but think it is just too old.

I was wondering what I should do to the fork to get it back to ridable condition. Most of my research on the internet shows people draining the fork oil from a hole in the bottom of the fork.

The Marzocchi does not even have an opening near the drop outs. It does have some air valves at the fork crown. I have a couple questions if anyone has experience with this era fork. My mountain bike knowledge is limited to rigid forks.

I was wondering if anyone knew if forks of this era had fork oil?

Any idea about how much air pressure to put in the fork. I assume the higher the perssure, the more rigid the fork will be. I just don't know what a good starting point will be.

I have compressed the fork and it goes down and comes back up as it should.

Thanks for the help on this!


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Fred in brief:
Air oil fork similar to the Rock Shox Mag 21
Has schrader air valve in both legs.

Look up mag 21
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