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Hmm, even zoomed in it does not appear to have the (needed) details for my part of the country. Am I missing something?
Roughly speaking, production and its publication of a detailed digital maps seems to depend on the policy or strategy of the country as you know. I'm curious to see where are you from. :(
Massa--I'm in Kanazawa.

My university is kind of on the west/mountainward side of town and the roads out this way (nor my school and several others) are not on the maps in those links (and there is lots of nice riding out this way).

I then looked over toward the coast, wondering what it covered of the available/cycle-able roads going out of town towards Noto--again a terrific lack of detail. And up at the tip of the Noto peninsula (Suzu, or back the other way, Minatsuki), it's just blank.

It may be more complete for other parts of the country (as is cell phone coverage!), but for here, it looks unusable.
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