Luv 'em both & I'm in the middle


Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011
Chiba City
Last Mon I showed my Gios some luv so I decided to show the GT some luv today.

Although it was windy all day it was like a 24C air con- it felt good and was really beautiful weather. At sunset could see Fuji (didn't take a pic as my cell generally takes crap pics).

Did the usual Hanamigawa/Minami Funabashi loop.
55.55 km, 19.2 Av, 2:53:59 on the bike.

While ridin I realized that I'm a lone wolf rider (as I have been since I started ridin a bike).

Although ridin in a group can be fun- with friends, try new places, push yourself; I like ridin alone- at my pace (stop and go where I want when I want), with just me, the bike and the road.

If I found someone the same pace as me it may be fun too, but findin that person may never happen.

I don't think at this time that I'm gonna be able to step up my fitness real quick, especially with work (can't ride much) and the new version of my game (Soul Calibur V) comin out in Q1 2012.

Next Sun SCIV/SCII at my friend's place all day.