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Looking to ride with a group for Satruday

John Farugia

May 18, 2010
Hello TCC, I am in Tokyo one weekend per month. This Saturday looks to be perfect for riding. Can I join a group for a few hours? When and where. Your advice for a novice in Japan would be appreciated. I am open to 100K anywhere at any speed :).

Hey John,

Welcome to the TCC , how are your mountain legs?
Ride on Saturday.

I have a bike here in Tokyo with a 25 cassette on the rear. Not many mountains in San Antonio Texas, just big hills so I do not consider myself a good climber. Looking for a group to ride with as I am not familiar with cycling here.

Let me know if there is a group I can join on Saturday. Very much appreciated in advance.
Unfortunately, myself and a large core of regular riders are racing 300km to the sea of Japan. It is also the Tokyo Stage of the Tour of Japan so there might not be that many out on the roads.
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