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Sep 2, 2008
planning to go cycling around Saitama/Gunma/Ibaraki
Any one having nice infos on cycling roads and places to stay overnight please contact us
Philippe and Aya
Though I haven't cycled it (YET!) I absolutely love Chichibu. I would love to do Chichibu paralleling the river past Nagatoro to Kumagaya.

I've always stayed with a friend up there but I imagine there are plenty of options.
... err, zipped through all those places and R140 leading into Chichibu is quite scenic. Probably very scenic had I not been going so fast on my motorcycle.

When living in Ashikaga I didn't find Saitama/Gunma/Ibaraki that interesting and preferred the area around Nikko and Karuizawa but quite hilly. Sorry, not much help really.
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