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looking for your used and/or unusable bike parts

Ben Distel

Oct 19, 2008
Hi all, i am expanding my bike fitting business and have purchased a fitting bike. I need some stuff to build up the bike:
STI shifters (brand does not matter, they don't have to work)
Pedals: Looking for your discarded Look Keo, Shimano, Speedplay pedals.
Handlebars, Aerobars etc etc

Anything you don't use anymore and want to get rid off, please let me know.

I am also pleased to announce that in 2 weeks i will be offering cleat positioning and Knee alignment services based on the Bikefit.com method.

Ben Distel
Bike Fitting and Consultance
Im very interested in the cleat fitting and knee alignment service as I want to have my new shoes set up perfectly for the 2010 season.

How much will this service cost and how long does the fitting normally take? I'm using the TIME Carbon RXS pedals.
Cool! Do you have the full set of shims and meauring gear? If so, I'm interested.
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