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Help Looking for host for visiting cycle tourists


May 27, 2009
Dear All,

I was contacted on warmshowers.org (a website that is kind of like a couch surfer exclusively for touring cyclists to help each other out) by a French husband and wife who are coming to Japan from September 9 through November9 or so for their first overseas cycling tour. Just wondering if anyone else might be willing to host them for a few days.:angel:

I have not met them myself, but I have hosted a few people who have contacted me via this site, and they have all been really great people and some have since become good friends. Unfortunately we have a small baby and can no longer host our touring brethren, so I thought I would just see if anyone else here is interested in taking up the banner.

I won't post their contact here. If anyone is interested at all, just send me a message.

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