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Help Looking for automatic lights


Aug 2, 2016
Hello everyone!

First post here so my apologies if I´m posting in the wrong section :)

I am planning a 3 month trip in Japan with my girlfriend. We have been touring before, but never in a place full of tunnels like Japan, so our light setup is not up to the task and needs upgrading.

Please assume we will not have a place to charge our stuff for days so having the lights on during the whole day is not an option.

I am looking for rear lights (since front lights are more accessible while riding, I could use non-automatic lights) that turn on automatically when going inside a tunnel, so I can keep the batteries up for weeks.
The lights could either be dymano-run or any other system really. For the rear one is not so important that is a dynamo-run light since it doesn´t use as much battery.

Preference towards a light that I can setup in the back of the bike, because my rainjacket goes over my helmet.

I would love to hear from other users that have tried automatic lights, and I am open for other suggestions, keeping in mind that my girlfriend will probably go mental if she has to ride behind me while I have a flashing light on the whole day.

Rear lights that could be activated remotely, if that even exists, would also be okay. I think you get the point :)

;tldr: I´m lazy and don´t want to get off my bike before and after every tunnel. Need automatic lights.

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