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Looking for accomodation and some local insights


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Sep 8, 2008
I'm coming to Japan for work for three months at the University of Tokyo (in Bunkyo) and I'm trying to find some accommodation. The 'weekly manion Komagome' was the place recommended by the secretary at the uni, but I'm a little blown away that for $60/night it's only 16m^2. Crikey!
I'm prepared to cycle commute for about 1/2hr, so I'm not sure what equates to on Tokyo roads in terms of distance...? I'm assuming if I head a bit out of town I can get something a little roomier?
Any suggestions on which roads make the best cycling on the way out of town appreciated.
I know a gaijin house in Ikebukuro. It is dirty but cheap. I lived in it for 6 months when I 1st came to Japan. No internet. A dirty shower. A dirty toilet. I used to walk about 1km to the Metropolitan Hotel for toilet and use the local bath house for showers etc... but had the time of my life living there. It used to be full of backpackers, street sellers, English teachers, gaijin hostesses... happy memories.

I visited the place last month and it is unchanged except there are few people living there now. I guess the price to stay there is negotiable. If you really want to save money it is a good place. Depends how low you want to go though.
The rooms have locks on the doors so your own private area is sound.

There are lots of guest houses around that are much nicer but this is the one I know of....

Unfortunately I don't know the phone number for the place, but if you're interested I could try and find it.

It's called English house. Mr. Yoshioka is the live in owner.

Just found it on google street view.


Even if you stay there a week till you find something better...it's a cheap place.

Or stay somewhere really nice for a week till you find something suitable...
I was going to suggest gaijin houses, too. For a short term budget option, they are close to your only option. Some of them can be pretty run-down and, er, cosy, but I'm sure searching the various "living in Japan" sites will turn up lots of options. Hm, isn't JREF Thomas' site? There are banner ads for it here.

As for commuting: lots of traffic lights will limit your speed (even when blowing through the ones you can), so probably 10-15km would be max for 1/2 hour commute?
Ahh, cool, I didn't even know gaijin houses existed. I've found one that looks quite good, much better than the hotel.
Many thanks,
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