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Looking for a bike group and a place to rent a bike


May 3, 2024
Hey everyone,

I am a student-athlete/rower from the US doing an internship in Tokyo this summer (June and July). I know cycling is very good cross training, but I can't bring my bike to Tokyo with me. So, I was wondering if any knew of any places I could rent a nice road bike for the summer. If any of you have an extra bike lying around, I would love to rent from one of you. I'm not too picky as anything would be better than nothing. I would also love to know if there are any groupchats for group rides or the like as I would love to be shown around Tokyo via bike. Thanks!

Height: 180cm (5ft 11in)
Bike Size: usually a 56cm or Medium
Cycle Base does monthly rentals but you need to put down a large deposit. Might be less costly buying used. Buychari has several outlets. I have a spare Specialized 18spd crossbike that will be a good fit and I could make you a deal on too.
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You could rent bikes from Tokyobike! I know they have a few locations around town, but the one in Nakameguro for sure rents out bikes, and I would imagine they have some kinda group rate... Theyre nice bikes and look a lot cleaner than most rentals so give them a go!
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