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Looking for a bike frame.


Nov 2, 2008

I'm new to the forumn but not new to Japan or cycling. I curently live in Ramstein Germany. I actually got my start in cycling many years ago while growing up in Yokohama. I was wondering if anyone can help me out in locating a 55/56 3 Rensho track frame. My first real rides where 3 Rensho's, I've looked online and cannot find this size a frame. My nihongo is very limited since it has been over 20 yrs since I have been back to Japan, but if someone can point me in the right direction it wolud be greatly appreciated. I should be visiting Yokohama and Tokyo sometime in the new year, looking forward to hearing from someone and if any of you are in Germany let em know and maybe we can hook up for a ride. I live in the middle of a MTB park, link below....


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3rensho frames


I do not know if you are aware but 3rensho as a brand is no more. The top builder's from Konno-san's shop have started their own companies. You still might get lucky and find one on Ebay but it is hit or miss.

I have been collecting and restoring them for a few years now and I have not seen one up for sale in a while. You can speak to Andrew Muzi at Yellow Jersey about them but I do not think he has anymore in stock. He bought the last of them way back when and was selling them off and I think they are all gone.

He can however probably hook you up with a Nagasawa, if you like the 3rensho's geometry are very similar.

Good luck.
Thanks kiwisimon, I checked it out, I'm looking for a track frame but still looking at this bike. I'm actually looking for the nostalgia part of the 3 Rensho's...they are hard to come by, but I'm sure they are out there. I have looked at the Nagasawa's and the likes but since I have been out of the Japanese cycling scene for a very long time I'm not up to speed on what is in Japan. I have lived in europe for quite a while so I am up to speed on what is offered here. It's funny that when I was growing up in Yokohama, the Italian bikes is what I craved now that I'm here I wish I had a Japanese bike. Anyway I appreciate the feed back, more is welcome, until then...rubber down!
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