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Jan 14, 2007
I'm looking for a new (excel) or other way of logging my trips.
Last year I made my own excel file and it was ok.
I want to try and see if there is a better way to do it this year.

Anybody know of a downloadable spread sheet anywhere or have a suggestion?

Last year I just recorded distance and had weekly & monthly tallies.

I'm off to a slow start already in January but determined to outdo 2007 at least.

Just found this one...that does what my 2007 file did....


fits on my PDA too...
Thanks. Tested it but was doing some weird things. I'd put the mileage in the cycling column and it was converting it to a date.
Will play with it a bit more.

Came across this (free download) on another forum


Excellent file.
Possibly too excellent.
I loaded it on my PDA but the options are too advanced and I need to upgrade the PDA application to get it owrking.
Works fine on the PC.
Not sure if it can be changed to Metric though. Trying to play around with it at the moment.

I think to use this file probably I'd have to spend a lot of time with it.
I'll see how I go and will try and find something easier for my PDA.

At the moment, I'm just going to log everything on my blog in diary form.

Triathlog is really good and it is free and easy to navigate. I even think peter who owns it may be ableto transfer files across too.

We have just started a 15000km 2009 bike challenge and it will give you a ranking, k's completed, k's to go, % completed, average weekly k's needed to complete the challenge etc.

it also has graphs based on weekly, monthly, yearly averages according to time, distance, av sp etc.

You can track RPE (borg scale), it has a forum. You can view other peoples training and you can plan sessions ahead. Lots of stuff

He is in the process to creating links to polar and garmin software as well.

Try it out

All the suggestions have been excellent. I wish I was a pro and had time to input all the data in such detail.

Now almost 3 weeks into January and I have not settled on one system yet.

I just found the same file I used on my PDA updated for 2009 and as it is easy to use on my PDA I will continue with it.


As for the others... I'll play with them a bit.

May need to go for the triathlon one seeing as I'm running and I also want to swim a bit more and enter a triathlon as well.

My PDA is my poor mans iphone so will make the most of it again...
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