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Lofoten - any knowledge/experiences?


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Jul 26, 2008
I was stumbling around, and came across a unique place: Lofoten.

About the 15th screenful scrolling down, I noticed this:
"In fact there is an annual Lofoten Insomnia Race for cyclists which takes place along the whole archipelago to take advantage of the midnight sun."

A minor bit of googling on that race gives:

Apart from the race, it looks like some unusual riding. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience/hear-say on this place?

More googling reveals some cycle rentals--some still doing biz, but others closed (obviously a short season).

On edit: Sorry, forgot to put in the original link:

And: "It is little wonder that the place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site or that National Geographic Traveler called the Lofoten archiplegalo the third most appealing islands in the world."
Spent a few days up there about 5 years ago and it really is beautiful. Did not do any bike riding whilst there, but plenty of other things to do besides. July- August would be the best months to go i would suggest, unless you like it really chilly!
Being Norway everything costs an arm and leg (and a bit more besides) but it is all good stuff.

this is where i grew up and i loved it, still do. in fact, i will be cycling from further up in north-norway to lofoten this summer, ending up at my grandparents´ 70th wedding anniversary. their honeymoon during the second world war of course took place on bicycles. that is a different story altogether though.

i would recommend june or july, these are usually the driest and warmest months. the midnight sun is on until mid july in this part of north-norway, later as you go further north. speaking of the high north -- north cape to the arctic circle (lofoten closer to the latter) easily gives you some 1500 k. and it is all amazing. please do not limit it to lofoten.

some pics of lofoten (and other pieces of road worthy of bicycle travel)

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