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Half Fast Link to my photos from recent rides inc. HFC BBQ & Sunday's Sekiyado Ride


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
I've created a sub-site within my new website for TCC and HFC photos -
Currently it contains photos from some recent Half Fast rides (inc BBQ) although I'll shortly be putting up the pictures from Kuruizawa - Nagano weekend and some video from earlier rides

  1. When you go into the individiual photo galleries, don't miss clicking the main photo itself OR hitting the slideshow button on the top right to see the pictures in full size. (note slideshow doesn’t work in IE8 or below)
  2. Also the Share button allows anyone the link and direct embedding links (multiple sizes) to add any photo (or whole slideshow) to another website
  3. You can order photos from the website, but they are only fulfilled from the UK at the moment - might take a couple of days longer for the post to get them here (I can set up a US and Auz supplier but they won't ship to Japan; and no Japan suppliers yet - sorry), but if anyone wants the file for printing themselves I can send over a JPEG if they PM me


Speeding Up
Jul 26, 2013
ごめんなさい! i looked at and enjoyed your pictures but didn't like/message. they're definitely cool!
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