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Jul 31, 2007
It's not really related to cycling in Tokyo, but I had the pleasure of visiting my hometown over the weekend and got the chance to see the Lincoln Grand Prix. You may have read about it in various other places including:


It's been running since the 1950s and it's a great pleasure to see the bikes winding through the ancient cobblestoned streets, including the 1/6 ascent up Michaelgate, all against the background of my favourite castle and cathedral. One lap was 7.8 miles with 11 laps in total.

The victor was Russell Downing from the Pinarello Racing Team. Interestingly, his brother won it the year before, but scraped second place this year.

It was really great to see the large crowd who'd come up to see the race. There were a lot of roadies on pretty sleek bikes as well as a large number of the general public. That and the weather made it a pretty nice day out.

If anyone is interested I have posted some photos at flickr.


Nice pics Lee, thanks for sharing. Must be nice to be from such a wonderfully photogenic town :)

Make sure to bring your camera to Sado - you da lens man on the trip :p


Thanks for the brilliant pics of Lincoln, only 20 miles or so from my old hometown of Gainsborough. Haven't been to Lincoln for a few years now my family's moved South: I realise now that I'd love to spend a weekend there next time I'm back in the UK. I guess the thrills of Skegness can wait until another year ...

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