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Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
Machida, Tokyo
With the recent talk of lights and lumens, I wanted to share these links.

For several years I sought as many lumens as possible, as I prefer to finish my rides by 10:00am, and I needed lights that wouldn't slow me down. I became a Dinotte nerd, and slowly moved from 200 to 800 lumens up front, and some scary Dinotte red lights at the back - even police cars slowed down to pass me!

But then I started to think about how my lights were effecting other road users, so I swicthed to using a light designed for the German market.

I don't mean to rant, but I wanted to share some interesting stuff that helped convinced me to change....
Remember that light is 'only' 200 lumens!

I have switched to an IQ, and am very happy so far.

Planet Bike Blinkie at the back.

Of course I appreciate that off-road and rural riders do need as many lumens as possible. :cool:


Speeding Up
Mar 29, 2010
Neat. So what's a good compromise for people in the middle of Tokyo? Where's a good not-blinding-the-drivers-but-clearly visible stand? And what's the legal mimimum? I'd imagine a few of the lights on the wall at the store don't cut it.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Awesome! After my harrowing descent from Fuji on a broken bike with a silly Cateye 'peanut light' I swore that I'd never ride at night again unless I had something akin to aircraft landing lights. BTW - thinking along those lines - I am seriously considering a 'drop in' canister for Li-Ion pack into my tubes. Since I can decouple the bike would be very handy to carry those extra 2000mAhr ..