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May 22, 2007
A friend at work drew my attention to this. Usual hurried translation. My comments in []. But something useful for everyone, possibly, at the end.

Tokyo campaign for using bicycles safely. 1 May - 31 May. Let's ride your bicycle on the left side of the road [dumbass].

Bicycles are 'vehicles', like cars. Let's observe traffic rules, and use them safely.

The five rules of safe cycling:

1. As a rule, bicycles should be in the road. Sidewalk use is an exception [i.e., only permitted where signposted as permitted.]
2. Ride on the left side of the road [you suicidal morons].
3. When on the sidewalk, give way to pedestrians and ride on the side of the sidewalk nearest the road.
4. Observe safety rules: riding under the affluence of incohol, riding 2-up, riding side-by-side are not allowed; use lights at night; at crossings, always observe traffic signals and stop signs, and look around you.
5. Children must wear a helmet.​

New traffic rules have been added for bicycles:

Riding while holding an open umbrella, or anything that obstructs your field of vision, and using talking on mobile phones etc. or looking at the screen while riding while riding are banned. [Gosh, when are commuters going to type their e-mails and read their keitai novels!?]

Riders over 16 years old with an appropriately constructed and marked bicycle may carry up to two infant passengers.​

[Here's the good bit] During this campaign period [1-31 May 2010], if you have your bicycle checked at a participating Tokyo bike shop (there are around 900 such shops), you can purchase a combined 3rd party indemnity and personal injury insurance policy for 1,000 yen. (If any repairs or parts are necessary [as a result of the check] these will be charged separately.) Please take advantage of this opportunity at any participating shop displaying the campaign sticker.

More information: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Headquarters for Youth & Public Order Measures, tel. 03-5388-3190.

Search for participating dealers at http://jitensyakumiai.com/

--HF Mike--
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