Tech Lemond Revolution Power Pilot Convertor


Maximum Pace
Jul 3, 2012
I picked up the Lemon Revolution and Power Pilot from FarEast and have been enjoying it since. I've also been using Strava on the bike and was missing uploading the rides on the trainer to Strava. The Power Pilot writes CSV files for the workout whereas Strava works with Garmin TCX files and cannot read the CSV files.

So I dived into the formats and wrote a little conversion program. You can feed a Lemond CSV file to it and it will convert it into a TCX file that you can upload to Strava or Garmin Connect etc. It correctly does speed, distance, heart rate, power, time etc.

I'm not sure if anyone else on the forum has the Power Pilot so I'm not sure how useful this will be to folks but I've uploaded the code to github.

If you are interested the script is and lives:

Don't let winter keep you away from Strava!