LED Fenders

Oct 15, 2010
I have been obsessing about building the ultimate (possibly fixed gear) commuter, and recall seeing fenders on newer mamacharis with built-in super-bright LEDs. It may be that they are powered by the main battery on e-bikes, but I was hoping I would be able to find fenders on Yahoo Japan or Kakaku.com or Rakuten with built in LEDs for the fixie commuter I have in mind (powered but a dynamo (the thing that turns and creates current as the wheel spins) but I can not find them. I can find lights, fenders, but not the combination of the two. My Japanese skills are far from good. Can anyone send a link?
Oct 15, 2010
Thanks Fumiki!

I was hoping for something super bright, and sticking out of the fender a bit (triangle 5cm high and going back about 8 to 10 cm - front white and back red). Really hard for me to find... Even if they are for electric bikes, I think I could rig a dynamo to power it as my limited understanding of LEDs is that they require very little power...

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
maybe this image will help clarify what I am after...
What you've seen there is a solar LED tail light. They're available as a Bridgestone part, or exactly the same thing as a Cateye part, to replace the obligatory reflector. (Most of it is reflector - just a single LED at the top.)

Even the electric-assist bikes don't come with a bike-powered rear light. (You'd think it would occur to someone, but apparently not.) Nor have I ever seen a dynamo harness here designed to power two lights. So it's either battery power or independent solar power.

Interesting reads:



For my forthcoming expediTion bike, I'm planning an Alfine dynamo front hub (to complement the Alfine 11-speed rear hub); with suitable circuitry the dynamo will take care of USB-recharging plus great lights. So I'm interested in light models too.
Oct 15, 2010
Thanks for the links. Good info. I am so surprised that I can not find front and rear fenders with bright lights (white for front and red for rear) powered by either dynamo or other method. LEDs would not consume much power, and what I have in mind would be pretty cool I think...


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
I have/had one of those Bridgestone lights kicking around here somewhere, I've not seen it for a while, but it might still be here, I'll have to look.

Three things about it:
One, it is charged by a mini solar panel, but it does have a battery in it.
Two, it has a light sensor and will only blink when it is dark.
Three it has no on/off switch, only a motion sensor, so when it feels the bike is moving, it turns on and blinks, when the bike is motionless for maybe 5 or 10 seconds, it shuts down to save power.

The reflector that is part of the unit is, by itself enough for the requirements of the law.

If I can find that unit, you are welcome to it, it does need a new battery, because it sat in the house out of the sun for so long.
Oct 15, 2010
Cheers Stu,

I was really hoping I could just go on Kakaku.com and pick up a couple of fenders with built in lights - mainly for the front light with superpower capabilities that I have seen on some electric mamacharis.... Seems there are some dynaos that mount under the BB, and if I could generate 3 watts or more from there.... I think 2 watts to the front light and 1 to the rear as a flasher would be just what I need.... I would be temped to make this stuff myself, but I am no electrician, and would be willing to spend 10,000 yen for something off the shelf (fenders, lights and BB dynamo) seems it is not available though... Too bad. I guess this is a niche market....

I will let you know if I want the rear LED, but I would probably pop the Cateye on the back that I have that is adequate. It is the HL-EL530 top of the range Cateye I have on the front if my road bike that is a) big, bulky and unsightly, and b) not powerful enough, that I wanted to do away with on my commuter....