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late July:rain (and gluten)


May 28, 2008
Hi folks,

I was here a few weeks ago discussing the heat in July for a bike trip and concluded that it seemed manageable.

Now, from your comments, it's best to avoid the rainy season, which ends around mid-July, but I've looked at precipitation graphs and it seems like rain is pretty heavy even in August. Is it the case? Doesn't it all end with the rainy season and then get really dry? Or do you still get many rainy days after that?

On an unrelated theme: I also cannot eat gluten (wheat). I found some cards on the net explaining this so I could hand them out to the cook in restaurants, but how hard do you think it would be to find enough non-gluten food along the way? Sorry if it's not a bike-related question, unless we think about food as bicycle-fuel :)

August weather here (in the kanto region anyway) seems to be as unpredictable here as it does in the UK. Some years hardly any rain and really hot (and humid); other years lots of rain; other years really hot, but lots of typhoons with violent rain.

Obviously it depends on the region, but I don't think you can rule out rain anywhere in August. However, it won't be (touch wood!) as dismal and relentless as the rainy season, and the chances are there will be very little. Anyway, it's more likely to be late afternoon / early evening thunderstorms, which could be avoided by riding early!
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