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Last minute weekend plans


Speeding Up
May 29, 2008
I'm sure that this is too last minute for most and a lot of you are going to Cycle Mode... but the weather looks beautiful so I'm going to ride from Odawara (train to there) --leaving 7:30am over Hakone to Kawaguchi-ko. Spend the night at 'Michael's Fuji Hostel' and probably go up to 5th on Sunday before biking home (Kichijoji) or home-ish along 413 to the Tama.
for the first day.

I'm not so fast but if you'd like to join me, let me know. :D
Hey Kori - I'm kinda up for this ---- whats up? Give me a shout.
Hi kori

Nice write up on your blog.

Hey, I stayed at Michael's Hostel a little while ago too. It was a great place to stay. I had a single room by the front door. They also let me take my bike into the room.
Michael's a nice guy and a real stand up comedian in the bar in the evenings. All my planned early morning starts just didn't materialise as I had hangovers. Looking forward to going back. :)

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