Last minute foilage ride Sunday 27th Nov


Speeding Up
Wanting to get a few last photos to feed my leaves obsession tomorrow, so planning to start at Musashi Itsukaichi and head south - first Ireyama Toge (bit of gate-climbing required here), then the little used northern route up Wada Toge (bit of rock dodging required here), then head south towards the pretty Yabitsu Toge, with a diversion up Oyama temple if time permits.
Start: Musashi Itsukaichi 7-11:
End:  Hadano Stn (Odakyu line)
Dist:  100km with 2300m of climbing.
When: Rolling out from Musashi Itsukaichi 7-11 at 8:30 AM. 

Nothing too crazy, just some nice climbing on quiet roads and a chance to enjoy the foliage. Let me know if you want to join… or just turn up !



Speeding Up
And I have a pretty good idea of exactly what kind of references, as you climbed that last steep bit ... :D

Anyway - next time ! Got to see that new machine of yours before the year's out ---

I just put in a bit of climbing today with Takaaki-san, otherwise I'd love to join you! I actually referenced you as we passed the turn off for Nenogongentenryu-ji Temple. :D Have fun mate!