Last Chance to Get Your Cervelo Online


Maximum Pace
Ah, figured I couldn't scoop you on this.

I'm not as keen on Cervelo as I was once (despite the magnificence of your R3 :)) but like many here, being in a country where it's next to impossible to find my size locally, the only brands I care about are the ones that I can get online.


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Apparently, one can still order online from countries without local dealerships. Directly from Cervelo, that is. I'm glad we managed to snatch the last RS frameset from CC at a truly incredible price. ;)

Btw, what's that mysterious new frame you are looking at? :)


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
It seems Cervelo wants to control the prices for their bikes (including SALE prices), but it doesn't seem like such a bad move to me unless they plan to sell their bikes to Japan by "japanese" prices as they are now. It would be a disaster - S1 for 170,000Y, which equals 2100$ according to the latest exchange rates, while US price for S1 is 1200$, lololol.

Anyways, I am looking at Bianchi Infinito now, and even more at Cinelli Pro Estrada (dat frame is sexy! :rolleyes:)


Maximum Pace
Anyways, I am looking at Bianchi Infinito now, and even more at Cinelli Pro Estrada (dat frame is sexy! :rolleyes:)
I ordered a Bianchi Infinito frameset from CC but there was a fault with the internal brake cable routing stop at the rear end of the top tube. No one could tell me how to fix it, so I regretfully sent it back and the whole mess kind of turned me off Bianchi for a bit.

That said, I think it was a problem with the early models that (I'm guessing here) were supposed to be sent out as complete builds but CC were stripping down as frameset sales.

Point being, it was a gorgeous-looking bike, and I still keep clicking on that CC Infinito Rival build.

Great geometry, too, for us long-legged types...


Speeding Up
Nov 1, 2009
Puerto de la Santa Maria

I love my RS, but this is the needle that broke the camels back. First they won't offer this model as a frameset, now they will not let me order it from my perferred bike store (Competitive Cyclist). I prefer a little freedom with a bike purchase, like what groupo or parts to put on it. I also like to order it from a store I like, vice the local B&M store where I may not like the owner or sales staff.

If this is the game they want to play, couching it in terms that I will get better service, then this makes my decision for the next bike just one step easier. I can rule out Cervelo and focus on my true lust, an Italian superbike by Colnago, Pinerello or Bianchi. Cervelo's loss, my gain!

Thanks for letting me vent.