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large-framed MTB shopping...


Jul 22, 2007
I shopped around for a new MTB yesterday, but could not find a shop that had a frame big enough for me. I went to 5 different places in Shibuya and Shinjyuku. I am not a huge person - 188cm. Could somebody tell me where tallish foreigners go to buy bicycles in Tokyo?
Looking for any bike that is the right size is a lottery unless you're the 'average' height.

You may have to order one espeically or just keep looking. There is no reason for a shop to stcok XL frames. You may wander into a shop with a frame to suit you but will you like the brand? components? color? etc....

How large do you want it?
With MTBs I don't think size is as important.... smaller frames for uphill, larger frames for down hill. ??? Raise and lower the seat.... My MTB is a bit big for me but as I'm a novice MTBer I don't notice....

What kind of terrain will you ride it on?
Do you want any quality or just a bike big enough?
2008 models will be out soon and old stock 2007 bikes will be going cheap....

My local shop in Shin Matsudo usually has a lot of large sizes but not sure what they have at the moment....haven't been there for 2 weeks now....
Big Boys Toys

This is a tricky one. A lot of Japanese importers don't even bring the large / extra large frames into Japan. Some of them will special-order for you via the bike shops but be prepared to wait (and wait, and wait).

At 188 cm you will (almost) definitely need an XL size frame. Smaller and you will just feel cramped, the seat may not go high enough, the bars will be too low and your body will be too upright, leading to a high centre of gravity. Plus the bike will be too short to move around which is critical for off-road antics.

Your best bet may be to hook up with some of the TCCers from the US Airforce base at Yokota. If you buy them a beer :beer: they may be able to get a bike shipped in for you from the the US.

Good Luck,
still looking...

... for a large-framed MTB. thanks for your feedback so far. i was riding around on a L-size GT MTB, but it was a little cramped. and then one day i had to brake hard at a intersection as a van didnt see me. i flipped it. ouch!!! there was a little blood and bruising. looking back, if i were on a bike appropriate for my 188cm height, i wouldnt have gone over the bars so easily. so as a matter of personal safety, i am now looking for an XL or XXL size MTB. i like GTs as they are not too exy, and the 2007 model is pretty cool-looking, with disk brakes.
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