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Lance Armstrong TT bike stolen


Peloton Leader
May 28, 2006
SANTA ROSA, Calif. - American cyclist Lance Armstrong's time-trial bike was stolen from the Team Astana truck during the night before the opening stage of the Tour of California.

Armstrong rode the bike to a 10th-place finish Saturday in Sacramento during the Tour prologue. The race is his first competitive appearance in his native country since the seven-time Tour de France winner began his cycling comeback last month.

A few hours after the time trial, someone removed four bikes from the Astana truck outside the team hotel in Sacramento, Calif. Armstrong's time-trial bike, which was closest to the door because he was delayed by a post-race trip to doping control, was taken along with race bikes belonging to Astana teammates Steve Morabito, Yaroslav Popovych and Janez Brajkovic.

Astana spokesman Philippe Maertens confirmed the theft to The Associated Press after it was reported by Armstrong himself on his Twitter feed. Armstrong later posted a picture of the bike, which has distinctive yellow-and-black wheels and the logo of his Livestrong foundation.

"There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off. Reward being offered," Armstrong wrote before jumping on his race bike for the 171-kilometre ride from Davis to Santa Rosa through a steady rainstorm.

Team Astana manager Johan Bruyneel also mentioned the thefts on his Twitter feed before he began following his riders. The racers all have backup bikes, and two-time defending Tour champion Levi Leipheimer's bike wasn't stolen.

Armstrong won't need his time-trial bike again until Friday in Solvang, where the race holds its second time trial. That segment is crucial to Astana's hopes of winning the overall team title.
The racers all have backup bikes, and two-time defending Tour champion Levi Leipheimer's bike wasn't stolen. :cool:

He did it!:eek:
Get a ROPE.

Whomever outta be drug out on the lawn and beaten with Silica pumps, Campy head. That is just plain UN AMERICAN. Not to mention stupid. What the hell would you DO with it ? It's like stealing the Mona Lisa. You could never show it to anyone who knew anything about bikes cause they would know what it was and turn your thieving ass in. A pawn shop would only give your maybe 200 bucks for it. You would have to part it out or paint it ugly to hide it. Stealing a bike is just like stealing a horse and the old penalty ought to be enforced. GET A ROPE.

When I was rowing my canoe to work some low person stole my oars one night.
Not saying Lance was hight and dry just I understand how getting your bike jacked feels. I am sure Lance's backup TT bike is just a dandy.

I have HOPE for America. Bama in the house and Lance in the Tour !
Lance's bike found

Wow! A good thief....Oh I mean citizen found it and turned it back in without the wheels I assume...LOL. Stealing an "one off" original bike is just plain stupid. It's like trying to hide a unicorn in your backyard...:mad:
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