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Jun 13, 2007
Hi, everyone!

I have plans to go to Kyoto on 24-26th of August and I am thinking of taking my bike with me - enjoy local beauties and views one can't find in Tokyo.

I know this is not a Kyoto Cycling Club, but if anyone has experience of riding in Kyoto area - please, help me by suggesting a good cycling course. By that I mean a course with nice views and possibly 1 day long - without camping or staying in hotels (i already have a reservation in one).

I will be there for only 3 days, so if you have a lot of experience of riding there - please, give me you best suggestion.

Thank you!

Sorry, if it is some kind of off-topic for this forum.

Hello Sergey,
I've been to Kyoto twice. The first time, I rode there from Tokyo (560km - 4 days). And the second time, I caught the shinkansen there, and then rode from Kyoto to Shimonoseki (580km - 4 days).
However, I've never actually ridden around Kyoto itself; I planned to do a loop of the city and see the sites, and I allowed a very rushed 2 hours for the ride (but it was raining when I woke up, so I just came straight back to Tokyo on the train).

Anyway, I'm sure you've already checked the map; Kyoto city is basically a rectangular shaped city, but it's in a valley, completely surrounded by mountains - and it's in the mountains where most of the nicer shrines & temples are (or so I've been told).
The only advice I could give you is to get a tourist map (your hotel should have them in English for free at the front desk), and then do a clock-wise circuit of the whole town.

Good luck, and I hope you have a good time!
See you when you get back to Tokyo.
Head for the Hills

Yo Sergey,

I've never cycled in Kyoto but done a ton of walking there. Besides tooling around the city, what I would do if I had three days to spend exploring is to head north along one of the rivers till I was in the hills and countryside. I'm sure there are excellent rides just waiting to be discovered (and I, at least, prefer serendipity to saran wrap). The Kamo River flows right through the middle of the city and has a bike path for several kilometers. The Katsura River, if followed north, takes you to the Arashiyama area, and from there both the Kiyotaki River and Kyomi Pass look interesting, at least on the map.

BTW, here's a very rudimentary "cycling" map: http://www.kctp.net/en/course/index.html

I'm just guessing, based on what I've seen while on foot or a train, so if you find someone who knows Kyoto and rides . . . never mind.

Tora-san, thanks for the reply. Probably, biking round the city in the mountains and coutryside is the best thing to do - I think, I will stick to this plan and hope the weather won't fail me :)

TrufflesEater, I'll be sure to check out the area near Kiotaki river - looks promising. Thanks for the tips and the link on Kyoto Cycling.

Thanks, guys! Now, I am really looking forward to this trip :cool:
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