Kusatsu 2013


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
I wonder how many of the 18 times they're run this event it has been cancelled or curtailed due to bad weather.
This year seams to be the first time the race has been cancelled completely; and it's been cut short twice judging by the winning times published in the race programme. The organisers and volunteers did appear to be working hard to try to clear the road but it was a losing battle against the 25 cm of wet heavy snow that came down overnight. I'm sure the entry numbers will fall unless they move the race to a less vulnerable time.
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Maximum Pace
Jan 9, 2011
Just got back from a day of visiting Kusatsu onsens and an art gallery with my family ... What bike race? Beautiful weather in the afternoon, wish I had had a chance to ride the course ... Yes, family friendly but cancellation is a massive disappointment. I would certainly welcome a date when there is less danger of this. With the ski slopes ready to go this morning one solution might be cycle hill climb / downhill ski race, depending on the weather ...
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