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Kurihama - Kanaya Ferry, Rinko?

Joe McCarthy

Maximum Pace
Feb 1, 2018
Has anyone ever done the Kurihama-Kanaya Ferry with a rinko bag? They charge extra for bicycles but I'm wondering if you can get around the charge by bagging up the bike and taking it on as luggage. I've checked the website and done a cursory web search in English and Japanese.
UPDATE: I had this question answered somewhere else. Apparently there's no extra charge to take a bike in a rinko bag, good to know if you live in Yokohama or West Tokyo and you want to do some riding in South Chiba. It's 720円 one way or 1320円 return.
You would carry a Rinko bag with you for a century ride to save 860yen?
When you ride your bike, you ride it on the ferry, they put your bike on the ferry along the wall and last time I did it, they had foam pads to protect the bike from being scratched by the wall. This leaves you to be able to walk around the ferry, enjoy and snack, etc... without any concern for you bike. Then when you get to the other side, you ride your bike off and you are gone. I think I would rather pay the 860 for convenience.
I get if coming from west Tokyo you are going to Rinko to the Miura peninsula, but you have to unpack your bike to ride to the ferry, then repack it, to then unpack it again on the other side.
You would carry a Rinko bag with you for a century ride to save 860yen?
I'm planning a two day ride from Northeast Tokyo out to Choshi, around the coast to Sunosaki Lighthouse and then looping back towards Yokohama where I'll catch a train back to nearer my house, so I'll have to take a bag with me anyway and a rinko for the train. Because it's only a 1 way journey I'd only actually be saving 490, which I admit isn't very much. I'm trying to save money right now because I'm leaving Japan next summer and I won't be permanently employed for a while afterwards.
I understand. BUT - on the ferry, it is nice to just leave your bike and enjoy a boat ride across the bay. There are a couple decks and snacks/drinks for sale.
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