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KT6: Full report!


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Last Saturday, four of us went to "O-toge"!
Sorry for not posting it on the regular forum, but it over-lapped with Ash's ride, and I didn't want to take anything away from his "Tour de la Pink" efforts.
All correspondents were done via PM.
As this was a tough ride that needed to be kept short, I only invited eight people – The guys I thought would really enjoy it – The guys I knew were dependable on long hard climbs; and finally, guys who weren't already on Ash's "Pink-list"!

Out of the 8 that were invited, only 3 came along (four, including me):
Ben (baustin),
Travis (YellowGiant).

The four of us met outside Otsuki station between 9:30 – 9:45am.
Both Tom & Deej had ridden out there – 70+km & 80+km respectively.
Ben & I took the train (90 mins. from Tokyo).

It was an easy 4km ride from the station to the start, and without stopping, we all hit the slope, and re-set our meters!
16km, climbing 1,300m – Average 8%.
(*Note: Last year at Kusatsu [6.5%], my average speed was 16.21km/h – I knew that I couldn't keep that on an 8% gradient, so I told everyone at the station, "1 hour 10 minutes for this climb!")
Happily, my time at the top was 1hr:09min:29sec. – 31 seconds better than expected:D!
Average speed: 13.8km/h.
>Deej: If you want to break the hour, you'll have to do 15.8km/h...

With only the four of us – all good climbers / all experienced riders – there was only a 15 minute gap between first & last rider (way different to the 1 hour waits at the top of Kazahari-toge on the larger group rides).

We headed straight back down from there.
Tom turned off onto Rte.139 towards "Doshi-michi" & Yamanaka-ko to complete a 270km? loop!
>Tom: Thanks for your PM to everyone involved – Really glad you had a great time at O-toge! Look forward to riding with you again! And, Thanks for the photos! T
Deej rode straight home along Rte.20 (Odarumi-toge) by himself, and made it home in time for work with a total of 207km on the clock.
>Deej: Sorry we didn't join you, at least until Hachioji… I kind of felt bad about having to say "goodbye" so quickly, but I didn't want to slow you down - I was nearly dead after that one climb.
Ben & I caught the train from Otsuki straight back to Shinjuku where we went our separate ways.
>Ben: Always a pleasure; and "YES", we'll definitely have to do Rte.35 some time in the near future (Maybe on "KT8", we can do a re-run of the same course, and give Deej another shot at it)!
I… managed to get back to Tokyo, and catch up to the "Tour de la Pink" hanami-cherry blossom riders at the last two sites; and then head to the Izakaya with around 30 people!
Great day out!


P.S. The course for "KT7" is being put together as I type – 100km-ish loop from Odawara (including "147"). Please wait for the up-coming details! T
Well, Travis, you've made my day by referring to me as a "good climber", and I'm printing the post out for Rachel as we speak! My thoughts on the way up were more along the lines of "who do you think you're kidding?", but perhaps that's over-sharing?

Anyway, an awesome day as always. One of the best views of Fuji I've had and a really nice descent at the end too.

Travis, thanks for organising, once again. And congratulations for winning the TT!

Better late than never...

These quotes are from the PM's after the ride.
I hope it's OK with everyone; Deej, TOM, Ben to print them.

Originally Posted by Deej
Well, I made it to work on time as I got my second wind in the latter half of the ride back.
Despite my utter misery, it was a pleasure riding with all of you today. And TOM, it was very nice to finally meet you. I hope your extended ride along the Doshimichi went well.
But wow and double wow. I don't know what hit me today. In a sane and logical universe, I am always supposed to beat Travis up the mountain. Seriously, though, that was the most I have ever suffered on a climb -- and it's not even that steep. I think Ben spiked my Snickers back at the station.
So here's my pledge -- I will crack the hour mark on that climb in 2008. If I don't, I shall buy all of you a fine Belgian beer.

Originally Posted by TOM
Thanks Deej. Actually this was my first ride with TCC people and I was very favorably impressed...excellent cycling conduct, sportsmanship and humor. Sorry I could not bid farewell properly to everyone before I made my turn towards Doshimichi. I'm planning to go back to Otoge a couple more times to train ahead of Kusatsu. As a matter of fact, I was intent on going back today but I realized I caught a cold, lots of coughing and a sore throat. I'm very grateful to Travis for having introduced this marvelous parcourse. Deej, you gave your written oath about going under 1 hour! Posted a few pics on this forum and wrote something on my own blog. Cheers,

Originally Posted by Ben (baustin)
Thanks all for another splendid TCC outing. Deej, make sure to let us all know when you're going again. It's only fair that you get to look back at me, Armstrong-like, as you accelerate away at the 500m mark. Let's just hope I don't catch you near the top in Bonksville again... Better lay off the Thursday burn sessions (not to mention the 80km warm up ride) for the next one, eh?! Seriously, would love to do that ride again someday and maybe also the legendary Route 35 that Travis was raving about in the train on the way home. (The civilised way for a gentleman to travel.) Ben

>To everyone else reading this:
Some musings...
First of all, Deej: To say that it "isn't that steep..." WHAT THE ....?
It IS "that" steep - that's why we do it! But what a great climb, eh!?

Usually we get songs stuck in our heads... This time though, I was doing "math"!
I can tell you that at 20km/h, ONE km will take 3 minutes; at 15km/h, 4 minutes; at 10km/h, 6 minutes....
There I was, less than 1km from the top, and all I could think of at the time was, "...at 13km/h, how long will it take me to ride 500m - in minutes & seconds?"
...Never did figure it out! But it helped keep the legs turning over while I tried:(
Whatever works, I suppose...

BTW, "KT8" (Saturday, April 12) will be exactly the same course, and will include Rte.35 - at least back to Uenohara

Should we expect to see Deej up there with a time of 59:59?
I'll try to make it for the KT8 on April 12, Travis. After the TT, I suggest/recommend Rte. 509 from Saruhashi leading to Suzugane-toge. It is a very nice little climb with no traffic at all (I'm sure the ice is gone by now) before descending to Rte. 35 to continue direction Akiyama-mura and Uenohara.
First of all, Deej: To say that it "isn't that steep..." WHAT THE ....?
It IS "that" steep - that's why we do it! But what a great climb, eh!?

Should we expect to see Deej up there with a time of 59:59?

Compared with some of the 20% monsters I've been on in recent months, Otoge was positively tame, I tell you! Long, yes, but not killer. That said, Otoge brought me to my knees. Which I guess is a result of having no legs after my 3-hour time trial from Setagaya to Otsuki.

And yes, I will break the hour mark! :)

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