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KT6 2009 in Boso


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
The KT series is heading to the Boso (Chiba) peninsula this weekend.

Date: Mar 21 (Saturday)
Start: Honda Station (誉田駅) on the Sotobo-sen out of Chiba.
Time: 9:15 meeting, 9:30 roll-out. Back to the station around 4pm?
Distance: 130 kms or so


The route and Honda station will familiar to anyone who did the Hilly Boso and Backroads Boso rides last year. Basically Hilly Boso in reverse, going to the coast via 81 rather than the 178, with a few modifications: an extra uphill section on a rindo loop on the way down, a different (modest) climb back in from the coast, and, if we have time, another loop via 172 on the return to add another little climb and 10km or so.

Training-wise an easing off of the intenstity, but still a fairly brisk pace. An opportunity, perhaps, to work on hill sprints on the many rollers or to stretch out the legs on the long uninterrupted sections in the south.

Getting to Honda
By Train:
Kaisoku Airport Narita leaves Tokyo at 8:10 AM, arrives Chiba 8:49, where you can change to the Sotobo-sen for the 15 mins to Honda (9:08 arrival).
OR Keiyo Kaisoku leaves Tokyo at 8:07 AM, arrives Soga (蘇我) at 8:50, where you can change to the Sotobo-sen as above.

By Car:
4 kms from the Takada IC (高田) on the Chiba-Togane Expressway. Parking around the station.

By Bicycle:
You can also ride out; maybe Thomas and/or Travis can lead a group out, if you guys are coming?
I'm baaack

Well not exactly. Actually I am overweight and underpowered, but have to start somewhere.

After two months of enforced non-activity, I started commuting to work again 2.5 weeks ago and am finally getting a little muscle back. Man it is hard. High elevations and airplanes are still forbidden.

Kusatsu and the whole KT series madness is clearly not on for me, but I will be in Katsuura this next weekend and am thinking of joining your ride at Amatsu 安房天津and riding with you the 35km to the Otaki Kaido 大滝街道. (If I can keep up – If not it's all down hill back to Katsuura.)

What is your ETA at Amatsu station?
Hey Aaron, it would be great to have you along... Plan is to keep the dilly-dallying to a minimum :) so we should hit the coast around 12:30-ish. Maybe hook up at the Family Mart, south side of the 128, about midway between Awaamatsu and Awakominato?

BTW, is 大滝街道 = Rt 297 = 大多喜街道, or am I confusing it with another road?
Naomi-san and I will be there.
Looks like a great course; glad you included route 81. The descent from the temple to the coast is fantastic.

See you on Saturday.
Thanks for organising this, Phil! I will definitely be there, too.

Anyone else riding out to Honda (Travis, David,...)?
Alan, Naomi-san, Thomas > Great, see you there! (Don't forget the Cervelo, Thomas :D)

Meeting point will be the south exit (or is it east? Not north or west, anyway) of the station. There's a supermarket/parking lot/bakery about 100 m along the 128 from the station where we usually end up gathering.

Alan, are you driving in? There's coin parking next to the supermarket in front of a bank, as well as around the station.

Looking forward to it...
count me in.

Thomas - i could be persuaded to ride out to the start. Would meeting up on the bridge over the Edogawa on Route 14 be the best option? What time would you be thinking of?

Looking forward to it

so we should hit the coast around 12:30-ish. Maybe hook up at the Family Mart, south side of the 128, about midway between Awaamatsu and Awakominato?

Family Mart it is. I will try to get there early and if I don't see you will start riding up rt. 81. Please PM me your cell number.

BTW, is 大滝街道 = Rt 297 = 大多喜街道, or am I confusing it with another road?

Damn 漢字変換キー。 Yes I do mean 大多喜街道.
Family Mart it is. I will try to get there early and if I don't see you will start riding up rt. 81. Please PM me your cell number.

Great. PM sent.

When we hit the coast, we'll take the road through the town rather than the bypass through the tunnels; apart from that, we should find each other no problem...
May I

Hello all
Please let me participate in the Boso peninsula tour, too.
It sounds like fun.

Thomas , David
The schedule riding out to Honda I'll also join.
What time where should I come?
Do you mean going and the return riding too? :bike:
Is [輪行袋] necessary?

T Sakae
Thomas , David
The schedule riding out to Honda I'll also join.
What time where should I come?
Do you mean going and the return riding too? :bike:
Is [輪行袋] necessary?

Glad you are joining us! :)

Sakae-san, David,

I suggest we meet at the bridge over Edogawa along R14 and stay on R14 all the way into Chiba City. Last time we rode out to Honda, Travis had charted a route along R357, but I dread to take it. From Edogawa it's less than 25km to Chiba, and from there another 12km to Honda Sta. Thus, I suggest to meet at 0700 at the bridge.

Sakae-san, we could meet at the intersection R14 Keio-doro/Meiji-dori at 0640. We do plan to ride all the way out to Boso and back into Tokyo, but there is always the option to wrap the bike in garbage bags and take the train home. :D

Don't forget the Cervelo, Thomas :D

Understood. Time to find out whether Cervélos are Chiba-proof. :warau:
Lady and gents, it appears like we're going to slip in between the rainy days: clear skies, highs of 13, southern wind for the return leg--perfect.

Alan, Naomi-san, Thomas, David, Sakae-san > See you at the station at 9:15.

Aaron > We'll see you en route. Looks like a speedy little group, so we should stay on schedule no problem. :bike:

Really looking forward to it!
Looks like a speedy little group, so we should stay on schedule no problem. :bike:

Well, Sounds like a Spartan riding for me:eek:. So that I have to make every effort to follow after you guys.I will try:warau:

See you tomorrow.
What an unforgettable day out!

My personal drawbacks:

- I misguided poor Sakae-san to R14 - the highway! Due to that, poor David had to wait for 20 minutes. Once again my apologies, gentlemen!

- I lost my tyre levers. All three of them. May another cyclist make use of them.

- On the way back to Honda, I punctured 100 metres from the station.

But the highlights:

- Phil's grand leadership over a splendid rollercoaster of hills, rindos, gravel roads and along the coast. Thanks for another great adventure in Chiba! Roadkill tally this time: just one. Poor kitty.

- Great cameraderie, as usual. Aaron, it's been good to see you again, for the first time since Hotaka. What a comeback!

- Naomi-san, gracefully flying up the hills, powered by a mysterious magic potion named "Real Gold". Have to try out it next weekend. Alan, proving his ingenious technical skills on Naomi-san's front derailleur, in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the most primitive tools. And David, who actually did resort sometimes to using his new *small* chainring.

- Finally, Sakae-san who saved my life by requisitioning gomi-bukuro big enough for my rig when we decided to take the train from Honda. I am much indebted.

Thanks to all of you. :)
Up and Doooooown!

Many thanks to Aaron, Alan, Naomi-san, Thomas, David and Sakae-san for making the long trip out and helping make this yet another perfect day of riding with TCC.

The morning was bright, sunny, and warm, and Alan, Naomi-san, Thomas, David and Sakae-san all arrived within a few minutes of each other soon after nine. There was time for me to admire and take a quick spin on Thomas' Cervelo--it's the first time I'd seen a larger framed Soloist in person, and they really are magnificent bikes--thanks for bringing it, Thomas (and sorry about the gravel :()

We set off right on schedule at 9:30 am, taking the usual back roads route to Lake Takataki. As we wound through the fields I saw my first flooded paddy of the year--spring is definitely here!

Just short of the lake we stopped to expertly fix Naomi-san's front derailleur, which had been throwing the chain off the big ring. When I say "we", I of course mean "Alan". The rest of us helped by taking photographs and positioning ourselves around Alan to shield him from the worst rays of the sun.

We were soon on our way again, into the properly rural parts of the peninsula. We saw quite a few other cyclists, more than I'd ever seen on these roads. We were behind schedule for our meeting with Aaron, but then I got a phone call from him saying he was on the way up from the coast and soon thereafter we met. Aaron was on his very first ride of the year, but when it came to scampering up the hills, his "out of form" was very close to many of our "using EPO" levels...

Up the 81 we went to the coast, being treated at the end to a thrilling descent to the sea. I was on Thomas' wheel as we swooped down the switchbacks, some of them angled like a velodrome bank for maximum speed; as often happens here, we were slowed by a car, but in one short straight section Thomas took off around it, with me in hot pursuit--I can't imagine what the passengers thought as we went flying past!

Once we reached the coast, we stopped only for a quick refuel at Family Mart before heading back into the hills, this time up the 178. We made a couple of brief stops, but we were racing to get back to the station by 4pm, so we were pushing hard, led by Thomas as usual, with a super energized Naomi-san not far behind him...

Just after passing Takataki again, Aaron peeled off to head back down to the coast to complete an extremely impressive "back in the saddle" ride.

After that, there were just a few final torturous little hills to get over before we arrived back at Honda at 4:30pm--only 30 mins behind schedule and a new scheduling record for a Chiba ride :)

My personal drawbacks: Too many to mention ;), but among them were:

- Somewhere with about 50kms to go my front derailleur stopped dropping into the smaller ring, so I had to reach down and nudge it across before every hill. Plus at one point the rear derailleur came out of adjustment for some reason; did a quick fix on the side of the road (and was pulled back to the group by Alan like some ailing GC contender being rescued by his super-domestique), but had lost the large cog at the back. It seems we had sacrificed too much to the weather gods and the derailleur gods had grown jealous...

- I had my first ever mini-bonk... I hadn't been eating as much as usual, and had a last small snack about 50 or so kms from Honda. After that I only had water in the bottles. Quite suddenly, with about 8kms to go, I lost all my energy and immediately was reduced to plodding along at less than 20km/h. When I finally reached the combini where everyone was waiting, I immediately ate an onigiri and two Snicker's bars in about 2 minutes... Lesson learned--keep drinking the sports drinks/"juices" and don't be without a snack!

Aaron, Alan, Naomi-san, Thomas, David and Sakae-san > once again, many thanks for coming out and for the absolutely superb company--okagesama, a fantastic time!
Thank you everyone !

Hi everyone.
Phil, Alan, Naomi-san, Thomas, David, Araron,
Thank you for yesterday.

I had a wonderful experience as Miura peninsula, yeaterday.
That was nice view the coast of Outside Bousou.
Phil, Thank you so nice navigating for us.

At central city opened Tokyo Marathon Today .
I could see many runners from my balcony.
I think Naomi-san, Alan's house could see under the balcony too.
TV actor Matumura dropped down on the street at go out to Shinagawa,
I think.
I'm sorry bad weather for runners.
I joined and finished first opened of this marathon at 2years ago then was the bad weather too.
My wife joined last year.
Yesterday's ride was hard as much as full Marathon for me.
I was surprised at Naomi-san's toughness.
I think Naomi-san be able to good result at Tour de Kusatsu.
Hold on Naomi-san !

All of You : though you might already have known.
I up on Chis Carmichael (Lance Armstrong coach) say How to climb by Nissan
web sight at the other General Discussion corner.
Please check it !

So I'll participate in next chance.
Thank you again ! See you !

Toshihiro Sakae
awesome riding

First of all, many thanks Phil-san for organizing such a wonderful riding yesterday. Also thanks every one who participated in the KT6.
Secondly, congratulation Aaron-san to be able to recover enough to ride again:). You were super first yesterday.

I really enjoyed riding itself , the beautiful rural scenery in Boso-peninsula and the Ocean view from mountains.Oh, one more:), roller coaster:p!!

I found a couple of my weak-points from yesterdays riding.
1) My stamina runs out suddenly around after 60km(about2.5h). I should keep eating, even though I don't feel hungry.
2) I am very poor at climbing long hills:eek:uch: Only one solution would be riding more??

Again, Thanks a lot:)
Thanks to all for another great day out.

Apologies for having to dash at the end. I made it to the bosses on time which was good. Not that i was much use for anything in the evening other than demolishing all of the food and snoozing on his sofa. Oh well, if he can't take a joke he should not have employed a cyclist!

See you all next time

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