Koyo Boso Nov 26th (Saturday)


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(Edit: This was originally scheduled for the 19th, but is now set for the 26th)

Thomas and I are thinking of heading Boso way again next weekend; would love company if anyone is interested.

What: Fast Boso interior ride, partly to check out the autumn colors but mostly to race each other up the hills
Where: Boso Peninsula (Chiba Peninsula)
Start and End Point: Honda (誉田) Station on the 外房線 (JR Sotobo Line)
When: Saturday, Nov 26th, rollout 8:30 AM sharp, back 4 pm latest, hopefully earlier.

NEW ROUTE (Version 3)

A few new things for TCC rides: heading south from Honda we'll use the Uguisu Line instead of the usual golf course threading, and the 173 route south of Takataki-ko. Result will be a pure loop with almost zero backtracking. Highlights are the 三石 (Mitsuishi) climb and Kameyama Lake area.

As you can see in the profile, this is a very up-and-down ride. In order to keep things together and on pace, this will be a fast ride with few stops, for speedy gents* and ladies. If you're not sure about pace, please bring maps etc in case of bailout.

Also, note we are moving the starting time up an hour, to 8:30 PM. This should enable folk to get back at a more reasonable hour. I'll post train info below.

(*Yes, I'm aware yours truly hardly qualifies these days... :warau:)


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Jun 26, 2011

When you say quick what kind of pace will you average? Having been off the bike for a bit I do not want to slow anyone down! Thanks, Basil


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basilleroux > On the last Boso ride the faster guys averaged around 27 km/hr and I expect the same this time, so not A+ ride or racing speed by any means. To be honest, Boso rides are less hard, fast, and long than many of the epic west-side rides the guys do; the issue is the countless little 2km climbs (which begin almost immediately) tend to highlight differences and quickly string out the group. Add the many turns we have to make, and waits can get long for the speedy guys (which is of course fine for a ride advertised as medium pace/social or whatever, but this is intended to be a fast one...)

If you're reasonably fit and can handle uphills then you'll be fine. Newcomers are definitely welcome--heck, you might find it slow--but as I say in the top post, I suggest bringing a map/Garmin and be prepared to bail or not make a regroup.


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Nov 4, 2006
Definite maybe...

Hey Phil,
I hope to make it for this one too.
At the moment though, I can't give really confirm one way or the other, but I will do my best to be there on the day.
I will let you know by Friday.
Cheers! T


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Jan 30, 2007
Naomi-san and I will likely join you for this one (as long as she has completely recovered). Looks like a nice route (and I hope ride with GPS is overstating the elevation!).
By the way, as of yesterday I am officially finished racing anybody up any more hills until next year :happy: but should be able to hang on to the group.



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Another route tweak

Did a quick recon of part of the route yesterday, and I realized we will probably be better off doing the route in the reverse direction that I mapped it. No other change, just that we will head down the Uguisu Line in the morning (and avoid the afternoon traffic on that road, as it is busier than our usual back roads).

If anyone wants me to re-map for their Garmins, please let me know, otherwise I'll leave as-is...

And yeah, I hope that ridewithGPS has got the elevation wrong! I think it should be nearer 1500 to 2000. (Although, we can add some rindos if we make good time... :D)


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Train info

Just realized I haven't post train info yet. This might work the best; quick change at Chiba but I assume it's just a matter of crossing the platform...

(JR Yokosuka/Sobu Kaisoku out of Tokyo Station)

(JR Sotobo-sen to Naruto)

You can also get the Keisei out to Soga and change to the Sotobo-sen there.


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Nov 30, 2010
Hi Phil & everyone,
the course looks nice, but this weekend I have other priority.
My GF has been generous to let me go cycling all I want on weekends, and sometimes I just want to make up for it. :)

Hopefully the weather will turn out better on Saturday.

Oct 15, 2010
Hi Phil,

Dave has graciously let me use his bike on the 19th, so I am keen to join, but wondering about the weather. What do you think? Going to call it the morning of? I am hopeless at predicting it here. Accuweather says one thing, Yahoo Japan another, and rarely are either of them correct.


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Well, the weather forecast has stayed stubbornly the same all week, and it is calling for rain in Chiba tomorrow, so I think we might as well cancel now and free up our weekends for something else.

Very disappointing; koyo is close to the peak, was looking like a nice fast group--was looking forward to this one!

Would anybody be interested in next weekend (Saturday)? If so, maybe I'll just re-edit the thread for the 26th?


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Jun 13, 2007
It's a real pity about tomorrow, Phil.
I was determined to go this Sat, but next week should also be ok! - let's hope the weather won't let us down next time.


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Nov 1, 2005
I have been worrying about the weather forecast the entire week and - in the light of a 70% chance of rain from noon - agree with your suggestion to reschedule to the 26th, Phil. Really looking forward to this one!