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Konnitiwa minasan


Feb 19, 2008
Hello everyone,
I am pleased to start my thread . I am not so young and began to ride sport cycle ( a road racer ) from last year2007. I love to see your forums very much. I am interested in group cycling at forest such as Okutama.I have rode to Okutama from Tokyo Suginami since I started to do cycling. I would like to join your tour if you can allow but I don' know how much you have level. There are lots of hill climbing in your tours . they seem to be hard for me . If you could inform me about more details How much do you have average speed at your tours ? I would appreciate it if you inform me about your tours .

I have been to UK several times . There are lots of wonderful place to tours . One day I would like to ride there as one of my dreams. If you were familiar about cycling in UK, could you inform me any your info for example about cycling road etc .

Thank you for your reading very much. I hope everyone enjoy to ride bicycles with safety forever .

Arigatou gozaimasu.


Welcome to TCC :welcome:

There are all sort of different trips people do, some hard and some not so. If you would like to come and meet everybody and find out what is going on without going on a very hard trip, you are welcome to join the Tour de la Pink, which is a very easy roll around Tokyo. (please see the Official Tours thread).

Look forward to riding with you!

Welcome Marmate! As Ash says, there are different kinds of rides, and even in the regular "fast" ones people go at different speeds--especially on the big climbs, where it's "see you at the top". Knowing ave. speeds probably doesn't help, as the terrain varies so much and in a group you're usually doing a lot of stopping and starting. (Although some of us do post our computer stats from the rides...)

Best thing if you're not sure is to join one of the bigger rides, where there'll be lots of riders at different speeds, and enjoy the company at your own pace.

Hopefully see you on a ride!

Hi Ash and Phil .
Thank you for your kind reply. I wish to join your tour as much as possible.Unfortunately I am not able to join your official tour on 29th March because of my work. I hope to see you next time. Please kindly let me know your tour again. I would be grateful to see you.

Thank s

Thanks your reply.
May I join the dinner at Suidoubashi ? If it is OK ! , I would like to see you there aroud 7:30 by my bicycle.

Till then

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