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konnichiwa tokyo! fixed or road bikers/ bikes here?


Mar 6, 2008
hey everyone, found my way here from Ash's post on bikeforums. someone else said there were a bunch of roadies here as well.

im visiting japan in 10 days or so and will be spending some of it in tokyo.i would love to ride around on a good road bike, but rental options look limited, and the bikes are smaller than the US (i dont want a mamchari!)

so, anyone know of any great places to rent a road bike? i'm guessing a fixed gear is impossible to find. i was advised to try Y's academy, but some sites say they don't rent bikes anymore.

alternatively, anyone interested in renting out their road or fixed gear bike for 3 days? 3000 yen a day or something? will obviously put a big deposit down upfront, or whatever else needed! i usually ride a 56 - 59 cm, but i am pretty desperate and will consider other things!

hope everyone is good, sad i am narrowly missing the tour de la pink!

Welcome to TCC! :welcome:

Please let me know when you arrive in Tokyo and in the meantime I will make some inquiries. I think we might be able to arrange something for you. Let me know exact dates.


Y's Bike Akasaka

I am pretty sure they still rent bikes out. I work close to the shop and I will check it out. Frame size may be a problem. Let me see.

awesome! i will be in tokyo from the afternoon of Saturday, march 15th to the morning of Tuesday, march 18th. i have some wiggle room, though, so i am flexible to go more or less anywhere when needed.

big thank yous to ash and chazzer for the help!

if anyone is coming to NYC, of course, i am more than happy to lend out a bike while you are here... have a three speed 70s peugeot road beater and a newer iro fixed road...! :warau:
Rental at Y's

Unfortunately they have stopped their rental service. Does anyone else have any other ideas ?

no worries, i can take that to my hostel and ask them which of those is close by...
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