Sold! KOGA traveller. ¥90,000 Toughest bike on the planet

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Jun 19, 2014
New York, New York
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Gentlemen this is the bicycle. This is it, this is the one you've been waiting for. This bicycle will take you to the ends of the earth, I would ride this bike to hell and back. Not a bicycle, not just any bicycle, this is the legendary Koga. Every aspect of this bike was constructed for durability and comfort. I can easily knock out 150k on this leather brooks saddle in a day without feeling like a cowboy on a horse. This bicycle has conquered Western Europe, Southeast Asia - countries like Nepal and Burma where the roads are barely paved, Australia, and now Japan. Where will you take it? What stories will you share with it?

I'm 177 centimeters and it works for me, I'd estimate the size to be medium to large, depending on your country of origin, I suppose. Adjustable seat and handlebar position make finding your groove easier, whether you're Spud Webb or Andre the Giant.

Nice, thick tires will pretty much cross any terrain and almost guarantee you won't get a flat. I'm throwing in the whole kit & kaboodle with this bike as well.

Five, yes, five waterproof ortlieb bags. All detachable and carryable in a breeze.
Also five water bottle holders, in case you're a crazy man like me and want to ride around a desert like Australia.
Rearview mirror
USB charger hooked up to the dynamo so your wheels power your cellphone.
Same story with the headlight and tail light no batteries required. Just human power.
Helmet to protect your noggin, gloves to keep those hands comfy and soft.
Two locks, one, an Abus lock with hardened steel bars that no saw could cut, and another combination cable lock that's quick and easy.
Compact pump
Cadence monitor, to keep you moving at optimal speed
Spare everything - spare inner tubes, spare wheel tape, spare spokes, puncture patch kit, waterproof seat cover (protect that leather brooks saddle), universal bike tool, spare chain, chafing cream, I'll even throw in two cycling singlets if you want them.

The accessories alone are worth over ¥90,000 yen. If you wanted to assemble this brand new, you'd be looking at about ¥350,000. But I'm no longer in need of it in my travels, so I'm ready to pass it on to a loving, adventurous home.

You can buy this bike today and start your tour tomorrow. Fire away with any questions, happy riding, friends.


Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
That is a top deal!
I'm fully kitted out as far as touring goes plus I'm a bit taller than you.
I'll see if my wife or daughter are interested in it?
Are the racks Tubus?
Wheels seem to be 26",right?