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Jan 30, 2007
Received the following email today from Kodama-san, the organiser of the Giro de Hotaka race (and others!)

Hello friends !

It is very glad to announce bicycle events in 2009 organized by us.
Please visit to our site: www.ne.jp/asahi/bicycle/race/
We are now arranging other new races and will announce them when we
will settle conditions of roads and natural enviroment. Therefore, we hope you to visit to our site sometimes.
We will make these race friendly and you will enjoy not only race but
local culture and foods at each meeting villages.
Regarding to Hinoemata hill-climb, we will change a route of 2nd race last year to new long route of 24Km. Bicycling on later 10 Km of it (from Miike to Numayama(finish)) is ordinarily forbidden, but we have got a special permission for this race only! The route is in deep green forest.

Tokura Hill-Climb and Gran Fondo Tokura will start an enrollment soon. Otari's events are open for enrollment and you will enjoy "Curry Party",too.
An enrollment of Shiori-pass Hill-Climb will start April 1st. This race has many agricultural products such as Koshihikari rice and Yairo water melon in Uonuma district in Niigata pref..
We hope you to enjoy a race and Japanese village culture with local
foods !

I am looking forward to seeing you at each meeting.
Village Climb Series

Thanks Alan for posting this. Kodama-san's passion and devotion to promoting regional areas through these cycling events deserves a lot of praise. The now tremendously-famous Norikura Hillclimb was originally his own brainchild until sponsor-backed organizers took over. I intend to participate in his events as much as I can, the highlight of course being HOTAKA !
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