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Aug 1, 2008
It's a kind of catharsis via velo... a no holds barred, Devil may care, King S**t of F**k Mountain kind of thing. Know what I mean? It's attitude above all else. The daytime rides are the appropriate setting for real cycling practice, improvement, BPM, average speed, cadence.... Knightrider is about attitude. http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=8yzsIBMnPGs
I left Kanamachi at midnight and, some hours later, found myself creeping through the hills of Chiba in the pitch dark. A tardy thought sparked across the synapses. Get a cheap flashlight and tape it to the handle bars! Einstein stuff! Alas, there was about as much chance of me finding a flashlight (forget about the tape) in them hills as of the Pope calling 'round to piss in my Sidis... I crept on. The dark didn't get to me so much as the noises... weird noises, like 'OoooooWoooooWoooo', or Ghjaaaaaaaaghjaaaaaaghjooooo'. 'What in the name of God is that?', thought I. A bird, dog, monkey, wild pig, lost souls, nymphs, elves....?
Finally making it down onto more level ground, I reckoned I could reach the ocean by sunrise... no. About 7km short of the beach, the orange orb lifted itself from behind the silouhette of a hill and, humbled in the face of such beauty, I was forced to stop.
Soon thereafter, I found myself marching barefoot across the sand, ending up (at last) up to the jewels in a surprisingly chilly sea. Surfers waited for their waves, a dog clawed the sand, looking for... whatever dogs look for, early risers strolled here and there, alone with their thoughts, and the day began.
I enlisted the assistance of a surfer and his girlfriend to take a few photos. Maybe it was the intoxicating breeze blowing in over the waves, carrying with it the perfumed scents of faraway lands... or maybe it was just the beers... but I felt inclined to disrobe. My actions caused a bit of a stir, and put my impromptu photographers in a slightly awkward spot. They held steady though and, shots taken, I regarbed and put the Bianchi back on the road.
Now, with all this babble I'm throwing out, you would fancy Knightrider a reasonably fearless character... right?? The kind of maniac who eats danger for breakfast, peril for lunch, rashness for supper.... and hazard as a midnight snack. But, even KR has his fears.......
Again, departing at midnight, I set an unsteady pace down Rt. 1. The ATMs were closed until 7:00 a.m., and I was having doubts..... The attitude kicked in though, and I pushed the pedals towards Kamakura. Reaching Sagami Bay around 4:00 a.m., I cast the cleats to the side, and did the barefoot beach thing again. This time though, it was still totally dark.... KR is a wee bit scared of the ocean at night. An expanse of black, streaked here and there with breaking waves... I did manage to get in the water for a bit.... but nervously. I had time to kill, waiting for the ATMs to come back on line, so I rode along the bay, out onto Enoshima. Fishermen were getting there affairs in order, casting their lines as the sun rose over the hills. The moment was sublime; I snapped a pic or two and stood there in silence, thinking once again that life is good.
I'd found the location of the Big Buddha during the night, and was on hand for a direct consultation as soon as the gates opened. No word of a lie, that guy spooked me. I could swear that his eyes were following me everywhere... and I think he may have winked at me.... I got a photo taken, and headed for the door. I was thinking about doing a Thomas, and riding back... but the night had been long.... I took the train to Tokyo, and rode home from there.
The next Knightrider outing will come soon. Anybody in? http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=L9jxcwXunxA
Fists of fury

Knightrider, those are rad palm tats. Where'd you get inked?
KR - great reading..... I agree with you on the Buddha at Kamakura the eyes follow you (not sure I saw him wink though).

Looking forward to the next ride/write-up.

KR Rocks . . .

Gripping stuff. Cannot wait for the next episode of Knightrider! Are the weird noises of the night the fabled Yellow Giant? Will Bhudda piss in KR's Sidi's? Find out in the next installment of Knightrider.
Nice. I did the bike path from Kaihin Makuhari to Narita in the dark once just after a rain and highly recommend it for anyone into stupid stuff that makes great stories.:p
KR again!

Cheers for the cool feedback. More from Knightrider soon.... got a weird one brewing in the brain box... might involve more nudity...not sure.
Deej - I want to tell you that I got inked in the Hell's Angels tatoo parlour on 6th St. in the East Village, Manhattan... y'know, right next to the 3rd Precinct police station... with the sign that reads "The Hell's Angels Welcome You to New York!".... but, I can't. I got inked by myself, with a felt-tip pen, in the toilet behind the Big Buddha.... sad but true.
Greg - Guess you've been to Rock City, eh?? I played there about ten times. Good spot! And, rumours I'd heard about the ratio of women to men in Nottingham turned out to be true!
Phillip - Yellow Giant ain't been out with KR since we had our consultation with law enforcement on Rainbow Bridge... to be honest, I found the AC in the patrol car quite refreshing. I'm not even sure if the Big Buddha possesses a willy.... next time I'm there, I'll have a peek.
Koribeyer - Might sneak onto that bikepath one Knight... after the rain...

Those new high tech, flat Sidi's wouldn't hold much of anything let alone piss... good pics.
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