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Knightrider II - All stones are white at night


Aug 1, 2008

Curious how night differs from day. I am reminded of the age-old Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang... You know, male and female, white and black, Earth and sky, young and old, potatoes and tomatoes, etc. Putting it another way, there is more to the difference between night and day than the simple fact that it's a bit darker after the sun goes down. There's a change of spirit as well.... The psyche appears to rotate with the planet, synchronizing as it does with the constellations, stirring the Yin/Yang stew, and well.... filling the sails with a rather more bizarre breeze. KR likes this. Allow me to present a simple but representative example. I would dare say that most cyclists have a somewhat tense relationship with taxi drivers... while the sun is up. Try as we might to share the road equitably (insert sarcastic snicker here), there are moments of conflict. Perhaps a sudden raised hand at the roadside leads the taximan to swerve into the cyclist's path, braking without the slightest concern. The reckless opening of a door, disagreements, gripes, feuds, grudges, sharp tongues, axes that refuse to be buried.....
Under cover of darkness, change (even healing) seems to come to this troubled association. KR has a solid rapport with cabbies in the dead of night. He taps on their windows, wakes them from their naps, distracts them from the horse race newspapers they so clearly hold sacred... and yet, in the wee hours, they do not complain. "Where is the ocean?", asks KR. "Far, far away!", they respond. "Where is the ocean, where is the road??"...... A map comes out, fingers point, explanations are given and, sensing a common madness, a bond is created. The taxi driver respects the insanity of the Knightrider, because he too is cracked. He loves the hours between sunset and sunrise because only then can he enjoy the cool wind of freedom, blowing through what remains of his hair, releasing him from the tedium of his life, slave to the steering wheel. In the darkness, he can escape, read the gambling papers, and have a puff. Minus the paper and the puff, KR is much the same.
Hitting the road around midnight, I made my way to Ikebukuro and onto Rt. 254, rolling towards Kawagoe. My goal - Shiraishi toge, in the hills of Saitama, near Ogose. I had a small flashlight with me and, recalling the ghostly night-hills of Chiba, I opted to stop at a 100 yen shop, bought some tape, and secured the device to my handlebars. It was a friggin' mess..... but, it did the job (kind of). I felt good. The Knightrider head was truly in play and, as the black road flowed past me, I pondered the target I had set. Shiraishi toge is a fairly fierce piece of Godward road, and has caused me no small amount of suffering on previous visits.... but, in the Knight mood, I remained confident that this time would be different! Dawn neared. I reached Tanaka and began to wind my way up the valley towards the mountain. In the growing light, the small river to the left of the road struck me as profoundly beautiful. For this reason.... or due to a subconscious desire to stall... I stopped, not once but twice, to take in the view and the air. On the second occasion, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing myself to two of the local scarecrows. Sound chaps, both! Not much to say though..... The climb proved to be less painful than expected, perhaps because KR isn't out to set any records. On top, I had a wee doze, awoken finally by a huge bee-like creature that seemed set on penetrating my right earhole.
The plan was to cross the Green Line, finally descending to "Kuro yama san taki" for a very, very cold moment under the waterfall. Alas, it was not to be.... In my post ear-bee state, I lost my bearings and ended up rolling down the twisty roads (damn good practice!) for the better part of 20km... right back to where I had started. Ye get that sometimes. http://web.hustle.ne.jp/fallscape/cgi-bin/wf.cgi?ref=wname&lang=e&pref=saitama&id=kuroyama&num=0

KR out!
Great stuff....

you are a raving loon for sure !!

keep it coming:):)

I thought I saw your Batman like emblem shining on the clouds... was that with the power of your new flash light?

It's a bird, it's a plane? No? It's Knight Rider....


Another "tour de force." Looking forward to the next one...
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