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Notice KIWL Virtual Cycling Challenge - June 2021


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Dec 14, 2006
https://www.kiwl.net/ I have copied and pasted the main bits

"KIWL welcomes anyone seeking to get fit through sport & leisure and simultaneously give back to their community. Cycling, walking, running, Futsal, golf, pub quizzes, social nights, there's something for everyone! Watch our short video for a taste of KIWL and learn how you can get involved as a participant, sponsor, or volunteer.
Our chosen charity, YouMeWe NPO, educates children living in care in Japan, giving them employable skills for a better start in adult life".
Rob Williams, Chair & Co-Founder, KIWL

KIWL Virtual Cycling Challenge - June 2021​


It could not be easier. Just get on your bike, whenever and wherever you wish, and at your own pace. All you have to do is log 500kms of cycling in the month of June, and 5000 meters of elevation. Too hard? Why that's only 16.67kms per day!

What's more we have fantastic prizes from two of our major sponsors, IHG hotels & resorts, and 76 Lubricants. Overnight stays for two at three luxury properties in Japan and 76 goodies! But of course the most important reason is to get fit and give back. So here's all you have to do and its open to anyone, anywhere:-

1. Donate USD50.00 to YouMeWe to be eligible for the challenge and the prizes. Click HERE and make a credit card donation.
2. Subscribe to Strava HERE if you are not already a member.
3. Explore in 'clubs' for 'KIWL 500:5000 Virtual Cycling 2021' and ask to join.

The challenge starts on June 1st and runs until midnight Japan time on June 30th. Winners announced in July. Participants take part entirely at their own risk. KIWL and its members are not responsible for any accidents or injuries which may occur as a result of participation. Participants must be insured for third party liability and abide by the road traffic laws of the country in which they participate. ​

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