Tsugaru American

Speeding Up
Jul 22, 2016
Just curious what all of you wear for kit? Me, I'm most definitely on a budget (I'm a teacher with two kids) so I am always looking for what i can get fairly cheap. I Have some Voler and Pearlizumi, but I'm looking to get some new kit this year. Recommendations?


Maximum Pace
Dec 2, 2017
In my experience, Pearl Izumi makes really, really great kit. I have a softshell jacket from their Pro line that must be 10, 15 years old at this point. And it still works great. If I didn't have a fall 7 or 8 years ago, there also wouldn't be any holes in it. Only the cloth at the other elbow has gotten a bit thin. I still use it offroad.

So if you are on a budget but not bottom-basement budget, they make great kit. The only issue I have is that in Japan they seem to sell Asian fit clothes (which makes sense), and all sleeves are too short and too tight for my body. But I had family ship stuff from Europe, which just works.


Scorpions - I can't get enough!
Jun 26, 2017
I wear Castelli second hand off Yahoo Auctions and Mercari. I'm skinny, so Italian fit is fine. They do longer sleeves than regular Japanese clothes, so they fit me better than Uniqlo etc. If you keep looking, you can get summer jerseys for about 3000 yen, even the high-end light mesh ones. Even the best-known Castelli jersey, the Gabba for riding in the wet, shouldn't cost more than 5000. Most of the stuff I've bought has looked barely worn.

I have some Chinese stuff too, which in quality terms is similar to the cheapest stuff in Ys Road for a much lower price. The retro team kits like Moltini and La Vie Claire are pretty cool and only about $35 for a jersey/bib set. They take about a month to come off Ali Express.

I'm currently rejigging my kit toward bright colours and built-in reflectors for visibility. That might be something to think about depending on what time of day you ride. There are good videos about visibility on GCN. If you have dark kit, an easy way is to put on a yellow gilet or windjacket as the sun starts disappearing.