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Sold! Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer


Speeding Up
Jul 29, 2012
For sale is Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Roll trainer - used, it's the model with detachable stabiliser legs that go outwards (or inwards if one prefers).
There are some scuffs/scratches, mostly paint wear on the legs frame as a result of rub on the trainer mat.
The resistance unit is in pretty good shape, the drum has no visible wear other than polished surface due to tire contact.

It comes with NO accessories, you're getting just the trainer. I might throw in a minoura riser stand (I need to find it in storage first) to a decisive buyer.

I also have a Kinetic inRide power unit available for additional 6000 JPY - it's nearly new, works well with Zwift via their mobile like app, provides pretty accurate power reading as it measures rotational speed of the trainer drum and allows for spin-down calibration via smartphone app.

The trainer is one of the better supported on Zwift and probably the only one on the market that rocks to the sides - that gives much more realistic feel and is easier on the frame, some people say that carbon frames don't take rigid trainer very well - with this one it's a non-issue.

Price for TCC members - 30000 JPY

I *can* ship it - but the thing is VERY heavy, most likely it would have to go as "Yamato bin" due to sheer weight.
Pick up in person by all means possible and encouraged (Musashi Koyama on Meguro line), I advise taking a large suitcase or better large duffel bag - 90L bag is what I used to carry it around.

I can help you dismantle it into more manageable pieces and possibly help bubble-wrap for transport, you will need a hex wrench and a large spanner to put it together at your place.

The trainer will be available for shipping or pick up at the end of next week (29th or so). If no interest until the end of January it goes on auction for vultures.

Pictured is the actual item, here with my bike mounted.

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