Kids drop bar bike


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Sep 28, 2011
Hi all I’m looking to get a 390 or thereabouts drop bar road bike for my daughter. (144cm tall) She wants to start cycling with me. If anyone has and recommendations as to where to get one I’d be appreciative.
I went to Asahi and they had one for 79000y
Hoping to spend a little less than that and see if she likes it and uses it.


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As my first drop bar bike I just put curly bars on my regular bike (3 speed hub gear) and already felt like Indurain (at least for a little while).
(But maybe that was one reason why I turned towards MTB after and only found my way back to road cycling 2-3 decades later.)
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Jun 26, 2017
If you're in Tokyo, this looks like it's in a Bici Amore shop you where you could go and check it out.
2013 Ladies Carbon Spesh, 440 size. Looks near immaculate and is an impressive 8.4kg, but is fitted with Sora, which could scare some buyers off. Sora should be long cage by default and take a 32t cassette without a new mech or chain.
If you see a shop sell something through Yahoo Auctions, remember that the auction commission is about 9%. They may give you a little off as a discount if you are there in person.