Keirin (women)


Nov 11, 2008
Ome, Tokyo
Tachikawa amateur keirin

I gone to see keirin last summer, I do cycling track events it possible to join cycling track races in Japan in small level?
Tokyo-to holds amateur keirin every Summer at Tachikawa keirin circuit.
You can use a regular racing bicycle. They also have a 1km individual sprint on track bike only. For Ome city, the cost is covered by the city and you get a free towel for entering. You can represent your region if you get the OK from the local representative eg. for Ome where I live, Wachi-san of Wachi cycle is in charge of putting together the Ome team. Most participants enter both the 400m (1 lap) and 800m sprints. For both these races there is generally a heat and then the final with between 5 and 8 riders per race. 1st and 2nd place get to the final and sometimes more. I think it is split into age groups of 10yrs (eg. 30 to 39; 40 to 49..) and top 3 in all categories get medals. Additionally teams get points for entry and placements and the winning region gets a trophy. I've raced for Ome for the last 7 or 8 years. Some of the participants are pretty low level, so I don't think you need to worry about being a strong sprinter.
I don't know who you need to contact in your region, but if you let me know where it is I may be able to find out from Wachi-san. I'll post again when I get the date for next year.