Keiokaku Velodrome Cycle Fleamarket


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
Because the traditional Sekidobashi flea market was driven out from its location along the Tamagawa riverside, it found a new home within the Keio Velodrome close to Chofu, West Tokyo. The spring edition is to be held this Saturday, April 12th 10:00 - 15:00.

Selling will unfortunately only be possible to 40 preregistered sellers, but its a great place to browse and chat.

Since it's always good to come early and the Onekansen KOM training road is just on the other side of the river, will probably have one or two runs up before heading to the velodrome with the final rest stop at the starbucks on Machida-kaido next to the hello kitty factory. Feel free to join. Planning to leave the starbucks by 9:30 to descent back to the river.
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