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Keepin' it wheel!


Oct 6, 2010
Hello! Been in Japan for about a year, just bought my first non chari bike. I couriered for some years in Sydney about a decade ago, and have been using racers as transport since then. Just bought my first fixed gear from Riderz Cafe. I probably should have gone for a Fuji track, but my bike was cheap and it does the job. I'm a student so cheap is the way to go. Will probably commute from Matsudo to Ueno fairly regularly for uni. I'm not sold on the fixed gear yet; single speed is good, but I can probably whip around corners quicker on a freewheel. Running it fixed definitely makes me ride with greater consciousness for safety though. Will flip it back to frewheel in a few weeks and see how I feel. Looking for a bigger chainring to step it up, might also throw bullhorns on if someone can recommend a cheap option.

Nice to come across this little community! Yoroshiku.

Welcome! There are few FG riders here on the board and for sure you're welcome to join some rides! We just have 1 hazing - 10km tire drag on the Arakawa whilst packing enough beer to sustain a small celebration at the end :) <jus kidding>
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